Love At First Sight!!

Sometimes two strangers meet by chance and on their very first meeting feel as though they have known each other all their lives. This is because they have known each other in another incarnation, under another name, in another happy relationship. This explains their strong mutual attraction for each other….

However, falling in love is a misnomer because in love one never falls but rises to ultimate goodness and purity at every level with the beloved. This explains why in a good marriage, a couple improves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually over years.

So what’s this wrong attraction all about? Well, nature brings two people together who, in their own immediate consciousness, have not known each other and yet, at the slightest touch, the swiftest glance of the eye, million vibrations are set quivering in them like harp – strings struck by a loving hand and responding to, in throbbing harmony and perfect tune. Love never dies and nothing can keep lovers apart because soul rushes to soul, heart leaps to heart. These first – sight storms of etheric vibrations occur everyday among the most ordinary surroundings and with the most unlikely people. Just as the one point of vibration strikes the other in wireless telegraphy, so also, despite millions of intervening currents (of other souls) the immortal soul-spark strikes in that compelling flash called “first-sight”.

It may take several incarnations before such love is consummated because the two strangers may not be free to marry either one or both may be already married elsewhere, working out a karmic relationship with someone else. There are several such stories of unfulfilled love which takes lifetime before the lovers are united. Love is sublime, spiritual, but it is confused with instant gratification by today’s generation.

❤ Ruzin


2 Responses to “Love At First Sight!!”

  1. Christine Conklin Says:

    That’s amazing and Lovely and so true. Soul mates find each other always nothing stops that.

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