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Beauty From the Earth Cosmetics

Posted in Beauty, Fashion, General with tags , , , on March 4, 2010 by rosebarbie23
Hello Everyone,
So today for my first topic, I thought I would do a review on Beauty from the earth cosmetics.
I got these multi purpose minerals from them and i just wanted to show you those and talk about them a little bit. I am sure most of you guys probably already know about the beauty from the earth cosmetics and have tried them out but this is my first time I wanted to give my opinion on them.
There are a lot of different colors to choose from. I ordered the sample jars and they were about 1 gram and cost $5 each. I got these products last week and I have been trying them out for a week now and they are amazing. These minerals are great and they are highly pigmented. I love the colors especially the bright ones :P. I won’t say they are better than MAC pigments but they sure are comparable. I mean why spent a lot of money on MAC products when you can get something equally good for less money right. No offense to MAC products, I love them but every time I get something from MAC, it always leaves a huge hole in my pocket. LOL

Although there is one complain that I have, I bought a bunch of different colors and a couple of the light ones that I got, I put them on dry and it didn’t stay on the whole night. I guess it would have been better if I would have put it on wet. But other than that, they work pretty well. My favorite of the bunch is blueberry, it is this realy bright blue color and it stays on amazingly well even when it’s not wet. I did a look using that but I havent been able to put up any pictures of that. I will put the pictures on as soon as I can. Here are some swatches I made so that you guys can check it out for yourself.

Please let me know if you need information on any products and I will try my best to get back to you on that. Thanks and have a great day. 🙂
These Swatches are done without a base. I haven’t done all the colors, I have only don’t the swatches of the ones that I liked and the ones that I have. Also, if I put up the pictures of the looks they might look different because the skin on my hands is so much lighter than the skin on my face.
L-R: Heat, Sun Kissed, Mermaid, Beam, Honey, 24k
L-R: Heat, Sun Kissed, Mermaid, Beam, Honey, 24k
L-R: Poison Brew, Green Apple, Sea foam, Rant, Shamrock, Gem
L-R: Eggplant Light, Love Potion No 9, Grape, Rave, Embrace
L-R: Karma, Prissy, Strawberry, Raspberry, Addicted, Sedona
L-R: Sweet Nibblets, Tangerine, Crush, Lemon