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Spring Must Haves – 2010

Posted in Beauty, Fashion, General with tags , , on March 4, 2010 by rosebarbie23
Hello All the Wonderful People,

This is my second post and I thought I would do a blog on this year’s Spring must haves. The time is finally here when you can put all the warm clothes at the back of your closet and take the summer clothes out, the time to wear all the cute dresses and short skirt that you have been waiting to wear the whole year. My spring Break starts in like a week and I have been waiting for it so much because Wisconsin has been awfully cold this year and I am going to Puerto Rico for my break so I am excited to get out of the cold and be on a warm beach and wear cute clothes, hence I started shopping for the break in January LOL…I am sure you guys have something fun planned for Spring Break too. So why not take a look at this year’s popular trends for the Spring….

Here is a list of the items that you can wear during summer.

1) Beige:
Here is a useful tip if you have a boring beige colored clothing item somewhere at the back of your closet, than you can take it out and match it with a pale yellow or bright blue color and wear them this Spring. That way you Beige outfit will be of some use plus the the other color will give your a Spring/summery feeling..

2) Animal Prints:
I am sure mostly everybody has something that is animal print because it was a huge trend last year, so why not make a use of it this year too…you can match the animal print with a whole lot of stuff…if you have a bag, match it with some skinny jeans, a tshirt and thigh high boots, now I know that many people think that boots can only be worn during winter, but that’s not true…you can wear them during summer too..why spend so much money on them and then never use them..right?? Also, if you have animal print boots, you can pair them with short skirts, and animal print leggings with black top…

3) Little White dress:
this is my favorite since I have never owned a white dress, I am really excited to get one. I saw a really cute white dress on and I cant wait to get it. With the white dress, you can wear it with a jacket or a blazer and wear it to work or you can wear it without the jacket for a night out. Pair it with some cute gold pumps or sandals and you are good to go.

4) Over sized handbags:
Now I must say that this was a very popular trend last summer and I bought so many of them..I have an excuse to use them now. There are many sites where you can get handbags for really cheap like I also know some people who buy the knock offs of the popular brands for like a $100…I guess nobody can afford to buy $1000 bags every time…and there are many sites where you can get these knock offs from

5) Pencil skirts:
I have been crazy about them since I saw Sandra Bullock wear them in the movie The Proposal…OMG they were so cute with black Christian Louboutin pumps…perfect for a day at work or a night out…just pair it along with a dressy shirt for work and with a cute top for a night out…

6) Denim Galore:
Denim jeans, skirts, vests..I am sure everybody owns a pair of these. Pairing them with bright colored tops and accessories would give them a classy yet a casual look and the bright colors will give a feel of summer

7) Thigh high or knee high socks:
I know that most people would wear them only during winter but paired with a cute denim shorts would be amazing. If you want you can also wear leggings with them and they would look great. Avoid wearing plaid skirts and the whole school girl outfit since Gossip girl look is getting kinda outdated and everybody is doing it so make sure you do something that looks different.

8) Boyfriend Blazers:
Try going with a bright colored blazer, like a hot pink or a purple and make it work with a simple pair of jeans and a top. Try making the outfit simple if the blazer is boldly colored because you don’t want to stand out too much…( I remember wearing all pink one time, it was awfully pink and I looked like a complete idiot..LOL)

9) Sheer/See Through:
This is a huge trend going on since last year although I don’t own a see through pair but I saw some very sexy yet classy see through lace dresses and tops in a bunch of stores and they looked amazing, you can wear them during the day or when you go out partying..anything works.

10) high Split dresses and skirts:
Yup, the high split dresses are back on the runway…they look great and if you can find a casual dress that you can wear during the day, pair them with heels and you are good to go. Pairing them with flats is going to ruin the look of the dress or the skirt so avoid doing that.

So, this is it for the spring must haves, thanks for taking your time and reading..I really appreciate it. More topics coming up, so keep checking.

Have a good day everyone. 🙂

❤ Ruzin.